Social Media Strategy And Branding – How Does A Physique Create A Brand? |

A brand’s identity explains to the marketplace what it is. A major part of a brand’s identity is its “physique”. A brand’s physique is its physical appearance. Many times it is a physical symbol, such as a bottle, of the product that is being branded. Branding is critical in a social media age because social media platforms have created so much content. An identity explains in very simple terms just what the brand is. In many ways, a brand has a human persona.All human beings are unique, just as all products are unique. This is a critical analogy because in social media there so much content. A brand defines an individual product. When we talk about human beings and are asked to describe them, we say things like, they are big, they are small, they are fat, they are blond, and they have brown hair. When the police are looking for someone a physical description is critical. This is the purpose of a brand’s physique. A brand’s physique creates an instant identification.The physique of a brand is its physical being. Subjective traits are important. It is the subjective traits that feel. The subjective traits create the friendship that social media brands must have to create relationships with its customers. A perfect example of this is a brand of soda.This soda is a true iconic American brand. This brand has significant objective traits. It tastes good and offers great relief on a summer day. Many other sodas taste good. The brand also has a physique. The physique creates great subjective traits for the brand. One of the most important parts of this brand is its bottle. Its physical appearance sets it apart. The bottle is more than just a shaped piece of glass. The sight of the bottle signifies something. It conveys joy, peace, happiness. This soda is a global brand, and this brand is so strong that nations use it in time of war in dealing with their enemies.This brand has a strong presence in Europe. During World War II, this soda was a highly sought after commodity among both German and American troops. Under a flag of truce, this soda was freely exchanged, among American and German troops, for cigarettes. The bottle conveyed the concept of friendship and this was used a prop for prisoner interrogation.Officers are a wealth of knowledge for an enemy during time of war. A favorite ploy that both sides used was to offer this soda at the beginning of an interrogation. The bottle had a universal meaning to both Americans and Germans—friendship and camaraderie. Interrogators found that by offering this soda, emotional walls were broken down, and important information could be elicited.A significant happening after World War II is that this brand offered its German franchise to Max Schmelling, the boxer, after World War II. Max Schmelling was known and respected in the United States. This co-brand broke down walls created by the war, and created new relationships between the two countries that were essential for the development of peace. An insurgency never developed in Germany after the war, even though Adolph Hitler was popular with many Germans. A significant reason for this is that there were common brands among the German and American people.Conversely, one reason why the insurgency was so intense in Iraq is because there was not a common thread between the American and Iraqi people.Dean Hambleton
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